Kitchen fitters 'Electrician'

A recent job was to find out why a cooker kept tripping the electrics, we discovered 2 ovens installed on the 32A kitchen ring main, they required a dedicated 20A supply each!
The kitchen fitters 'Electrician' should have known this and the picture is how he had connected it all up, disgraceful.
Sadly this scenario is all to common with unqualified trades carrying out electrical work when they really shouldn't be touching it.

BS Standards and CE marks

I recently got a call out to a job where the MCB for the sockets circuit wouldn't stay on, the fault was traced to a recently fitted chrome socket outlet that the owner had installed. The socket had developed a direct line to neutral fault. On investigation it was apparent that the socket had no British Standard or CE marking and had been supplied via eBay  ( but not even cheaply )

Badly installed down lights

When installing down lights in your ceiling you should always take care to keep the fittings well away from the ceiling joists to avoid any potential fire risks from the heat of the lamps. On no account should you EVER cut the ceiling or floor joist to fit a down light. I came across this install today, 3 of the fittings were on the joists and the joists have been cut by around 3 inches and a piece of metal tacked in place in an attempt to fire proof it. The eagle eyed among you may also notice they are wired in with bell wire ....I'm speechless...


Flickering Lights

If your lights are flickering it is most likely to a loose connection somewhere and not a resident poltergeist, you need to get this fixed by a competent electrician as this is a potential fire risk










Beware of fake electricians posing as registered electricians!

A man has been jailed for carrying out dangerous work while posing as a registered electrician. John Draco, 35, of Rowan Place, Newton Aycliffe, pleaded guilty to fraud and consumer protection related offences after falsely claiming to be a qualified electrician. He advertised his services on as accredited by ELECSA and Trustmark-despite not having either accreditation. He also claimed to be NICEIC registered.

Bad Lighting? Banish the Gloom

Its that time of year, the nights have drawn in. Now's the time to consider your lighting needs to banish the gloom in your home.
We can offer all sorts of LED lighting for inside and out to brighten things up 
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Energy Vampires

Are your devices sucking your wallet dry?

Your TV, HiFi sytem and mobile device chargers etc. are probably left plugged in almost permanently and you probably aren't too concerned about it. But Vampire devices like these can be responsible for huge amounts of wasted energy, by constantly taking a trickle of energy while on standby.

This is called ‘Standby Power’ or ‘Phantom Load’, many TV’s etc. have to keep certain circuits constantly energised to enable them to respond to the remote control to switch on.