Energy Vampires

Are your devices sucking your wallet dry?

Your TV, HiFi sytem and mobile device chargers etc. are probably left plugged in almost permanently and you probably aren't too concerned about it. But Vampire devices like these can be responsible for huge amounts of wasted energy, by constantly taking a trickle of energy while on standby.

This is called ‘Standby Power’ or ‘Phantom Load’, many TV’s etc. have to keep certain circuits constantly energised to enable them to respond to the remote control to switch on.

Old style Rewireable Fuse Boards, Are they Illegal?

If you have an old rewireable fuse board, as a home owner your likely to hear “Your fuse board is illegal….” I've heard electricians tell customers this many times, or “your house needs a rewire...” a surveyors favourite based on a cursory glance at your fuse what's the truth?

Test your Smoke Alarms

Your smoke alarms should be tested monthly, broken smoke alarms cannot warn you of a fire.
Test yours regularly to ensure it still beeps.

In 2017, 283 people died in fires in the home. You’re at least 8 times more likely to die in a fire in the home if there are no working smoke alarms.

Offer to test the smoke alarms of an older family member, neighbour or friend who needs help.

It only takes a moment to test and gives your family and people you care about a better chance of surviving a fire.

Electrical work in the Garden

These days garden lighting can be as important to the homeowner as the interior of their house.

However, when installing garden electrics it is important to ensure it is installed correctly and safely. It is recommended that you always use a registered electrician to carry out this work.

There are many things to consider when lighting your garden, such as

  • light up paths and steps for safe access and consider linking them to security lights

Do you have PV Solar Panels Installed?

Almost all solar PV systems installed in the UK are grid-tied systems, that means that the electricity you produce can either be used by you in the home or the electricity gets exported – very few people have an electricity storage capability.

When you have solar PV installed, you benefit from the Government’s feed-in tariff which pays you for every unit of electricity you produce. This is known as the generation tariff. The amount of electricity you produce is recorded through a generation meter.